CORE is the engine that powers our large-scale artworks.  An extendable platform of high-performance commercial grade hardware and custom-built software, CORE enables all hardware and software to seamlessly coalesce.


About CORE


Acting like a conductor, CORE co-ordinates many different system components, delegating tasks to the components best suited to perform them, monitoring the performance of individual parts as well as the whole to ensure perfect harmony.


Cloud-based secure management, using individual credentials and HTTPS encryption, accessible from any modern internet-connected device

Content library management across all concurrent surfaces, with built-in media processing pipeline, selectable layout options, coordination of multiple surfaces, and content usage metrics

Dynamic scheduling with calendar, time-of-day, automation, and ad-hoc capabilities

Complete ad-hoc control with real-time feedback across the entire installation

Real-time monitoring of system components, automated alerts, and remote servicing module


In the lifecycle of a project, CORE begins in concept design and grows with the work – its specifications evolve as the design evolves. Being a purpose-built, extendable platform, CORE is designed for the present and future needs of the project therefore mitigating risks, obsolescence and maintenance costs. As part of the CORE delivery, we provide technical and end-user documentation and training.

The sophistication of the CORE enables our designs to speak and collaborate with external inputs harmoniously. The simplicity of the user interface makes technology invisible.

CORE turns artistic intention into articulate expression. It integrates expansive spectacle with precise control. CORE perfects the cues and command needed to direct abstracted inputs and outputs and produce a seamless, large-scale creative experience.