The purpose of our work is to reflect the quality of light in all people, through the buildings and public spaces of our cities.

Who we are

We come together from architecture, industrial design, lighting, technology, music, fine art, media, and finance to design and deliver luminous art. We are artists, architects, designers, curators, animators, project & production managers, accountants, musicians, film editors, cinematographers and software developers.

What we do

We make art with light. We create large-scale luminous and digital artworks for architectural facades, city precincts, commercial spaces. We combine light, sculpture, digital media and interactive technology to create works for architectural projects and public spaces.


We believe great works are born from respectful and collaborative relationships. We also believe that the inspiration already exists within a project and our job is to unveil and nurture the work to life. Each artwork is innovative, sustainable and designed to engage communities in contributing to their public environments and ultimately reflect the light in all people. Ramus seeks to bring people, cities and cultures together through the communication and connection of light.


See our process


Light by its nature is a reflection.

We are committed to reflecting the true nature of people, how we engage and connect with one another, the built environment and the natural world.

We value people as the beginning, middle and end of our work – whether they are suppliers, clients and the public. The quality of our relationships within Ramus and how we care for and respect each person’s contribution to the whole is paramount in how we continue to reflect the light and true nature of all people.


  • Bruce Ramus

    Artistic Director

  • Tina Kopa

    General Manager

  • David Hayes

    Design Director

  • Jonathan Wiseman

    Technical Director

  • Lauren Brand

    Creative & Business Development Manager

  • Beverly Fletcher

    Human Resources Manager

  • Larissa Lal-Ponini

    Marketing & Partnerships Manager

  • Bessie Liu

    Contracts Administration

  • Vicky Mannix

    Finance Manager

  • Allison Olsen

    Finance Assistant

  • Jack McVeigh

    Design Lead

  • Yufei Huang

    Architectural Graduate

  • Jobe Williams

    Interaction Designer

  • Mark Dickson

    Digital Animator

  • Pete Pilley

    Content Editor