George Place

Our light art installation evokes a sense of renewal in this space of transition.

  • Year2018
  • LocationSydney, Australia
  • ClientISPT
  • Programming and ContentRamus, iion
  • Concept DesignNDYLight
  • ArchitectsFender Katsalidis
  • Interested?Contact Us

Our light installation reflects the ebbs and flows of human activity. Each LED is animated by programmed content, which activates the ceiling, walls and door lighting elements of the lobby to animate and constantly adapt the sense of space.

Our illumination lines contour protruding concrete walls and timber skylights. Each light adjusts to complement the amount of sunlight coming into the space. Monochromatic content sequences, fluid, abstracted and ambient patterns create generative visuals and add to the sense of transience.

Every pixel can be programmed to reflect the change of pace throughout the day, heightening, calming and regenerating energy to reflect human energy rhythms. Vibrant content is utilised during peak commuter periods, whilst ambient content creates a sense of calm during the work day and late in the evenings.

This illumination supports the flow of movement and energy within the space, creating beautiful, fleeting moments for people who enter and move through the lobby.

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