George Place

This work supports fleeting moments of rest and restoration as people pass through the lobby.

  • Year2018
  • LocationSydney, Australia
  • ClientISPT
  • Programming and ContentRamus, iion
  • Concept DesignNDYLight
  • ArchitectsFender Katsalidis
  • PhotographyRohan Venn
  • Interested?Contact Us

Our installation comes to life with the ebbs and flows of human activity. Each pixel adapts with human activity, with vibrant content supporting movement in peak commuter hours, and calming ambient content complementing the wind down from work days into evenings.

Content ranges from simple white sequences, to fluid, and abstract patterns. Content regenerates a new experience with each moment.

LEDs outline concrete walls and timber skylights, adjusting to complement the amount of sunlight that enters the space.

This illumination supports the flow of movement and energy within the space, creating beautiful, fleeting moments for people who enter and move through the lobby.

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